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DNZT celebrated Mehregan Jashan of 3752 Mazda Yasni

in Oslo on Mehr day of Mehr month (2.Oct.2014).














Mehregan Jashan in Oslo, 3750 Mazda Yasni (2012)



DNZT celebrated Mehregan in Oslo city on Mehr -Rooz of Mehr-Mah, 3750 ( Manday 1st of October 2012).


Zarathushthrians of Oslo and their friends attedent the celebration which took place in Masjostua senior-senter in Oslo where guests were welcomed by Ayene va Golab (offering rose-water and mirror) which is a Zarathushti traditional welcoming ceremony.


The function started at 6:30 pm, with playing Iranian national song, "Ey Iran"


The function was followed by:


1. Mehr-Yasht prayer in the Avestaic language and its translation in Persian and Norwegian.


2. A speech about history of Mehregan.


3. Iranian traditional music was played live by a local Iranian musician.


4. Dinner


6. Norwegian live music played by a Norwegian couple


7. Iranian pop music and dance














Please contact DNZT if you wish to attend MEHREGAN celebration in Oslo.











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