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How to convert into Zarathushthrian religion?





To learn about Zarathushtrianism you will need to study holly Avesta and recommended books written by Zarathushthrian scholars.Here is list of books we suggest you to read:


- The Zoroastrian Tradition, by Farhang Mehr

- Zoroastrianism, An Ethnic perspective, by Khojesteh P. Mistree

- The Gathas of Zarathushtra, by Piloo Nanavutty

- Mazdayasni, by Ervad Peshotan Framarz Peer


- Afrin Paigambar Zarathosht, by Adil Firoze Rangoonwalla


- A Zoroastrian Tapestry, Art, Religion and Culture, by Godrej &

  Punthakey Mistree


- In search of Divine Light, The Zarathushtrian Way, by Behram D. 


- Khordeh Avesta, by Ervad Maneck Furdoonji Kanga

- Gathas of Zarathustra : by Irach J. S. Taraporewala


- A Zoroastrian Tapestry Art, Religion & Culture by Pheroza J. Godrej


- The Teachings of Zoroaster and the Philosophy of the

   Parsi Religion  By S.A.Kapadia


- The Gathas of Zarathushtra: Hymns in Praise of Wisdom  

   By Piloo Nanavutty


- Zoroastrians: Their Religious Beliefs and Practices 

  By Mary Boyce


Please also visit below websites where you can find lots of good information about Zarathushthrian religion:


After studying above books you can request D.N.Z.T to perform an initiation ceremony (also called Sedreh Pooshi in Persian and Navjoet in Gojrati) for you.


If you need help for finding or ordering above books or how to read religios texts and prayers please contact us via email,phone or mail.








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